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Can I order a gift certificate by e-mail?

We are sorry, but we currently do not offer any services via e-mail other than information. The easiest way to acquire a gift certificate without coming in would be to call M-F 9AM and 5PM and ask for TJ. She will be able to take your credit card information over the phone and mail you one directly to your address or another address of choice.

Are you open Thanksgiving Day, if so what hours? Are you in Mountain or Central Time Zone? Is the Steak Ranch accessible from Hwy 62-180 north of Fabens? There appears to be a blacktopped road going south from near the Hueco Tanks turn-off. Thank you for your time.

Yes, we're open on Thanksgiving Day. One of our biggest days of the year in fact. Our hours can change from year to year; so, we'd recommend that you check out our website as the Holidays approach for set hours. We're in Mountain Time (Denver). Yes, the ranch is accessible from the Hueco Tanks turn-off heading South. However, it's a very rough ride on average and not recommended. And, it certainly isn't a time saver per se due to the many pot holes and bad ride in general.

Hi there - do you all offer any kind of guided tours for any of the attractions on your property? Had friends who've taken wagon rides as well as guided tours of the premises in the past year or so & wanted to make sure that those are still going on

We do offer hayrides on sundays, however, we do not normally offer guided tours. Fortunately, you'll discover that most of our ranch is accessible and self-explanatory. We do have signs up on each zoo exhibit and, there are some neatly accessible walking paths throughout the ranch: from the lake walkways to the antique wagon road ... I believe you'll find our ranch fun and easy to explore. Of course, dinner is even better after a hike on the ranch. We look forward to seeing you!

We will be driving from Calif to San Antonio and heard about your restaurant. We are planning on stopping to enjoy your food. Is there any motels, etc near you. We would like spending the night on a stop over and enjoy your restaurant.

The closest motel is on the corner of IH-10 and FM 793 (The Cattleman's road) ... another nearby motel is about 10 miles west of us at the Clint Exit. There are many more to choose from within El Paso ... and, still you would only be 20-30 minutes from our ranch.

Marriott Hotels Resorts Suites: El Paso Marriott - - (915) 779-3300

Hyatt Place El Paso Airport - - (915) 771-0022

Camino Real Hotel - El Paso - - (915) 534-3000

La Quinta: West El Paso - - (915) 833-2522

Embassy Suites Hotel El Paso - - (915) 779-6222

Chase Suite Hotel By Woodfin - - (915) 772-8000

Travelodge El Paso - - (915) 772-4231

Holiday Inn El Paso - - (915) 778-6411

Radisson Hotel Suite El Paso Airport - - (915) 772-3333

La Quinta Inn-El Paso Airport - - (915) 778-9321

Do you still offer horseback riding?

Thanks for your interest. We currently do not offer any horseback riding. And, really, we do not know of anyone offering horseback riding in the El Paso vicinity. Notwithstanding, we do have other activities available ... such as our hayrides, zoo and maze ...

We run hayrides only on Sundays (weather permitting). They start at 1PM, and there is one 30 to 45 minute hayride per hour. Hayrides are free for customers who have eaten, $3.00 for others.

Another resource for horseback riding of which you might consider would be:

I was wondering if you sell your steak seasoning? Please let me know. Thanks.

Currently, we do not sell it, but maybe we'll soon be offering it in our gift shop (located in the Steakhouse). Stay tuned on our website for updates on upcoming retail products offered.

I am planning a trip out West and came across your steak house web site. I noticed that you have parking for Bus and RV's. Do you allow RV's to park overnight in your parking lot or any place close by?

RVs are welcome to stay overnight as long as you're dining in our Steakhouse. We do not have any RV hookups though. No electric, water, or septic.

We are planning to take our family out for dinner on Saturday. Do you still offer hay rides? If so, would you please send me some information regarding times and prices? What other attractions are available?

We run hayrides only on Sundays. They start at 1PM and go out during daylight hours. There is one hayride per hour, and it lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. Hayrides are free for customers who have eaten, $3.00 for others. We also offer a playground, an antique wagon display, a lake walk, a zoo, and a maze. Lots of fun, lots to do and a lot to eat!

Do you take reservations on Mother's Day?

We do not take reservations at all. Mother's Day is our busiest day of the year. Two to three hour waits are the norm for that day, so we actually encourage customers to try to come on a different day if possible. Also, we do not seat partial groups on that day. Everyone in the party must be present before your name goes on the waiting list.

Do you ship steaks out to California?

Currently, as of January 1, 2013, we're not shipping our steaks ... We have in the works a mail order business ... it will still be some time before implemented (no dates are set). Be sure to stay tuned on our website homepage: "" for further updates. We do appreciate your interest and hope to soon be offering this option. If you have someone that you know, passing through, or living in our vicinity, our steaks can be picked up directly on site ... on ice and with or without seasoning.

Do you take reservations?

We appreciate your consideration in asking about making a reservation. We do not take reservations; our doors are open to one and all without reservations. (we do book parties of 15 or more though) If you arrive at opening time, you'll have plenty of time to have drinks and be seated comfortably. Thank You and we hope to see you soon.

Can you send me a menu with your prices?

Thanks for writing. We appreciate your interest in acquiring the pricing on our menu items.

Our online menu is located at:

You may have already seen this menu online ... and, as you can see, we don't advertise our pricing online due to some proprietary issues.

However, you're welcome to use this menu online to assess what you're considering ordering; gain an overview of all of our entrees, sides and desserts; and, then, if you'd like to know the cost of those specific items, call our office at 915-544-3200. Our office staff is on hand M-F up to 5 PM; they will be more than happy to provide pricing on any and all menu items in question.

All our best and we hope your group does decide on dining with us ... be sure to get back with us if we can assist further in any way.

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