Cattleman's Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch

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Cattleman's Entranceway

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Amazing Views, an Amazing Journey and an Impressive Destination:
Indian Cliffs Ranch is an all inclusive experience that's incomparable to anything else you'll ever find in the El Paso vicinity.

Do you want to leave an indelible impression with friends and relatives visiting from out of town, then you'll want to take them on an unforgettable trip to Indian Cliffs Ranch.

Lakeside Views

As you take I-10 East from El Paso, and take the Fabens exit North, while driving deeper into the desert where it appears there's nothing for miles around, your guests will be completely bewildered and wonder if you've gone crazy. However, when you pull into the ranch's entrance, they will be completely enthralled ... and after having one of the finest ranch style meals in the Southwest, and walking the grounds of the ranch ... they will know that this is a total dining experience not to be forgotten! Sure, there are many fine restaurants throughout El Paso, but none offer the impact on your friends and relatives as Cattleman's Steakhouse!

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